25 01 2009

I’ve been a nudist my whole life. I didn’t realize it right away, though. I grew up in northern North Dakota, where the weather isn’t really that suited to nudism most of the year anyway. As a teenager, when I could, I’d sneak off into the woods near my childhood home and drop my clothes in a heap and wander around nude. I loved the feel of leaves and soil under my bare feet and the cool air and dappled sunshine on my skin. My family would not have been really understanding. I was raised by Catholics who carried the Puritan ethic that skin should be covered whenever feasible, and I’m sure I’d’ve been chastised if they’d known. Social nudism was something that never even crossed my mind until I was much older, and even then I would’ve had a tough time finding other nudists around my home town. Now, over 20 years later, I’ve finally gotten up the courage to join a naturist group here in the Twin Cities area. I’m excited about making up for lost time. I have yet to travel to any naturist or nudist resorts, and it’s the middle of winter, so there’s not much opportunity for outdoor nude activities right now, but I’m really looking forward to summer.




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1 02 2009

hey from rural kenosha county wi. i just started nude outdoors 2 years ago. i take my dog and go nude in our woods almost every day in warm weather. i’m barefoot too-i don’t wimp out with shoes. then skinny dippin or snorkeling. at first i freaked at how vulnerable a naked caveman is outside–all you can do is climb a tree in case of a wild animal. but the sun feels so good.

1 02 2009
local nudist

Thanks! I envy you the advantages of a rural setting!

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