what do your friends think?

27 01 2009

I recently became a “fan” of Skinbook on Facebook. This fact was of course posted to my page, eliciting the following exchange between two of my friends.

MF at 12:00pm January 15
It does not surprise me that you are a fan. I know how much you enjoy being naked. =D

KK at 9:26pm January 15
If I EVER see you NAKED and bleeding in a canoe again it will be too soon…
As a matter of fact, I don’t think anyone should be exposed to your bloody mess of an exposure ever again!
But I have to say, you’re not a bad looking naked person. You know… For being a man and all.
And stuff.

MF at 8:37am January 16
Ahhhhhh! The infamous canoe trip! K___, you know you reached epic hero status that day! =)
And yes, B___ is quite nice naked.
Even if he’s not my type.

KK at 9:11am January 16
Nor is he mine…
I’m OK with nakedness Butt there’s a lot of ugly naked people out there. Not that B___ is a beautiful naked person. Butt he’s OK.
In a naked sort of a way.
I think it’s his lovely, happy-go-lucky attitude that comes out when he’s naked.
And his Butt.

MF at 12:39pm January 16
I think K___ likes your butt.

I’m not sure exactly what to make of this?




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