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3 02 2009

I’ve joined a couple of social media websites for nudists, and am still not sure which I like best.

Skinbook is better now that they’ve started monitoring member photos to weed out the sexual ones, and with a more familiar interface than some of the others, it’s a bit easier to navigate. They also notify users about activity more often than the other sites I’ve joined.

Social Naturist is good, but geared toward the UK, though it does have some members from the US.

True Nudists has an okay interface, but isn’t as full-featured as Skinbook. I like their certification process – requiring users to submit a clothed and a nude photo – because it helps weed out the strict voyeurs.

What are your thoughts? Have you joined sites that I didn’t mention? What do you think of them?




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3 02 2009

I’m on Skinbook and True Nudists though I’m not particulaly active on either of them. Skinbook seems to have overcome many of the problems they were having with their host and the admins appear to work hard at keeping out the pervs and voyeurs. I do like the features that Skinbook offers.

I was a paying member of Nudist Clubhouse but decided added usability wasn’t worth it. They’ve been online for about a year now and they still have a lot of technical issues that need to be resolved. Group owners and moderators tend to be either slow to respond to queriies or nonexistent. There are some good discussions in the groups but not nearly the amount of posting you have on Skinbook or True Nudist.

4 02 2009
local nudist

I’m not very active on them either. That’s part of the reason I started the Facebook group for Minnesota Nudists & Naturists – I use Facebook a lot more than I use any of the naturist social networks. Of course, the problem is that anonymity is harder to maintain in Facebook, and I realize that the group may not go anywhere.

I do like some features of Skinbook and True Nudists, but haven’t really connected with anyone in them.

5 02 2009
All Nudist

We’re on both, not very long or active either. Haven’t decided which we like better.

One thing, we don’t accept ‘friend’ requests from folks that are clothed in their profile pic, or provide no info. Don’t trust their motives.

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