the “nudist”/”naturist” debate redux

7 02 2009

My previous post initiated an interesting discussion on the differences between the two terms. The upshot is that, while I will continue to use the terms interchangeably on this blog, I’m going to stick exclusively with “naturist” when talking to non-naturists. Why the change? It’s largely due to the exchange that took place after my original post, but it’s also due to an exchange that I had with someone via email.

I found the following ad posted on craigslist:

I am looking for a small naturist group. Not the commercial large for profit outfits! Just a small group of mixed single’s and married’s that just like to have fun seeing a small group of men and women in their natural state; naked!

Yes, I know. I should’ve been tipped off by the person’s interest in “seeing … men and women … naked.” I’ll be more careful in the future. But I thought, Hey, here’s someone who’s interested in naturism, and I can help them out by directing them to our local organization. So I initiated contact:

Minnesota Naturists is your best bet. They don’t operate for a profit; annual dues are 20$, which covers administrative costs & the like; some
events have a small fee as well.

If you’re interested, I’ve also started a Facebook group called Minnesota Nudists & Naturists; it’s not officially affiliated with MN Naturists, but I’ll post upcoming events, & maybe the Facebook group could organize events of its own, once there are enough members.

Take care & stay naked!

Thank’s for responding! E-mail me an invitation to the small-group, or whatever you can organize. ~thanks~

If you’re in Facebook, just do a search for “Minnesota Nudists & Naturists.” You’ll need to request to join – I want to provide at least some privacy for members – but I’ll approve you if you want to join.

thank’s man for responding, and the offer to join mnnudistnaturist!…but I am really looking for a small group that meet’s as in a home for smaller group naturist appreciation.

I understand; if that’s the case, I’d suggest looking into MN Naturists. My plan for the Facebook group is that eventually we could have some events if we are able to find places to host them. (I’d be willing to use my place, but it’s a small apartment; once I get a bigger place, I’m willing to host events, but I’m not sure when that will be.

Small apartment; PERFECT, lol. For a small group of 6 or 8 adult’s, who don’t mind being close, I hope everyone take’s a shower and uses deodorant, lol. It would be fun!

Ugh. I should’ve paid attention to your email address. You misunderstand the point of naturism. It’s not about sex.

I’m not against a good orgy now & then, but that’s not what naturism is about. Check out and if you’d like to learn more about the underlying principles of naturism.

I hope you find what you’re looking for; you won’t find it with naturists, but there are groups out there.

As much as I feel the term “naturism” can be confusing, I think once you tell someone what it means, they are unlikely to confuse it with a sex-oriented group. I’m never quite so sure with the term “nudism.”




3 responses

7 02 2009
All Nudist

Uh, sorry, still laughing…

8 02 2009
local nudist

Yeah, it is pretty funny. A bit frustrating, but I can see the humor in my naïveté. I’ll know better next time.

8 02 2009
All Nudist

Been to that old diner in St. Paul (I think)? Good greasy burgers and fries, was filmed in ‘Streetcar Named Desire’ or something? They’ll make your burger rare if you promise them that you’re not a cop.

Geez, easier to get a hooker than a medium-rare burger. Oh, America!

Hey, drop an e-mail, ok? We nudist bloggers need to newtork a bit. You seem to be an up-and-comer. Best wishes. Steve & Angie

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