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10 02 2009

What does it mean to be a naturist who’s gay?

AllNudist suggested that I take on that question, since there is so little in the naturist blogosphere that addresses it honestly and in the true spirit of naturism. I’ll include the relevant posts in the “gay” category.

Here are a few topics I’ll try to address in the coming weeks & months:

  • gay naturist groups
  • naturism and the “single” (gay) man
  • body image – a gay perspective
  • naturism and sex

Any other suggestions?




12 responses

10 02 2009

That looks like it will an interesting topic and perhaps challenging as well. I look forward to reading your posts on the topic.

There are several gay men who attend the winter swims sponsored by the non-landed club I belong to and some of them are members of the club. Everyone seems to get along fine.

I’m aware of a couple of gay naturist groups in my area but I haven’t had any contact with them. Their websites emphasize that the context of the group is nonsexual.

Good luck. Looking forward to the read.

10 02 2009
All Nudist

Good luck with your endeavor! It would be refreshing to see a real, non-exploitive viewpoint from another area of our common love for the nudist lifestyle.

We mostly see the straight version of how it looks from there, and how they (well, that’s us) view it.

There is a certain amount of divicivness between the various groups that make up the whole and anything that can create understanding and cooperation is good for all of us.

I doubt that everyone is ever going to sit down and sing ‘Kumbia’ together, but a little mutual respect can go a long way.

So give your gay catagorie a good name, get some postings in it, and we’ll list it as a stand-alone link that gays can go directly to.

And if you have any lesbian friends send them our way too. We mean to be all-inclusive, we are ALL Nudist, not just straight, white Anglo-Saxons.

We support the true non-sexual aspects of social nudity but recognize that a lot of different types of folks embrace that lifestyle. All are welcome.

As long as they behave well in a socially nude situation. What they do at home is their business! – Steve

11 02 2009

This should be interesting especially to straight guys. Like what is going on in gay brains when we meet gay guys in social nudity that I’m freaking over about trying for the first time. And what should we do with gays so they don’t get pissed? I haven’t had social nudity since I had naked swimming in high school and in our farm pond.

11 02 2009
local nudist

Thanks everyone for the comments. H, yours suggests another topic: hot dudes & sexy babes – a look at how guys might join naturist groups for the eye candy.

12 02 2009

Interesting topic. I’m looking forward to reading more.

14 02 2009
All Nudist

H, if I read your comment correctly, are you wondering how gay guys look at straight guys when nude together? As in, do they like to see naked guys in the same way that straignt guys like to see naked women?

If so, as a stright guy I’d guess, sure. But we’re talking social nudity here. Attractive people of any gender are nice to look at, but ideally that’s not the point of nudism. It isn’t just an opportunity to see naked people, or hook up.

First comes the pure and simple enjoyment of being nude, preferable around other folks, with the body itself being the least important part of the equation. Relationships of many kinds can form, but using a nudist venue simply as a means of seeing nekked people, or getting laid, is not the idea.

You’ll find that most nudist gatherings are very prudish about overt sexual behaviour. Sure, peole can meet, greet and hook up, but discretely. The preoblem arises when some folks don’t get the idea.

Mazo Beach in Wisconsin is an excellant example. There are some ‘bad boys’ there that continue to misbehave at the beach and threaten everyone by their actions. They are not nudists, they are just guys that use the beach to get sex.

Most resorts are pretty selective about allowing single men in because we tend to use these places for reasons other than simple nudity.

That’s a fact, Jack. So expect to be descriminated against as a single guy.

As far as worrying about pissing off a gay guy that you’re not interested in, don’t. They’re not insisting, just asking.

So, L.M., is that a pretty fair appraisal?

And H, did this help? -Steve

15 02 2009
local nudist

That’s about right. I’ll talk more directly & fully about the topic when I get a chance to write that post.

The funny thing, I think, is that some straight guys, no matter what they look like, seem to assume that any gay guy is going to be after them. Trust me guys, for most of you, this is not true. No offense intended, it’s just a fact.

15 02 2009
All Nudist

Aw, you’ve totally crushed me. And here I thought I was a hot commodity!

Just kidding, though Angie swears I’m gay and just doing a hell of a good job at acting straight.

Is it my fault that I like Barbra Streisland, love Dorothy, am an excellant cook and have good decorating taste? 😉 -Steve

15 02 2009
local nudist

Funny. I’ve known plenty of straight guys who are good at those things. The key to being gay is liking sex with men. 😉

16 02 2009

Thanks for the comments guys. I’m just sort of scared of gays no offense. Gay customers used to hit on me where I worked and I got fired, follow me home, and twice I almost got mouth raped. But I’m still hot to an old gay with nothing to lose lol. So I’m asking questions cuz I don’t have any gay guy to get information from. My concern about gays is keeping me from social nudity just like my body image.

16 02 2009
local nudist

Ugh. I’m sorry that you’ve had that sort of experiences with gay men. I’ll tell you this much: the ones who hit on you or flirted with you, but didn’t do anything else, were doing the same thing a lot of straight guys do when they see an attractive woman. As long as that’s all they did, and as long as they backed off after you told them you weren’t interested, I’d suggest just taking it as a compliment & moving one.

The ones who did more than that were doing what a small percentage of people do, regardless of orientation, and that’s despicable. What sucks is that they’ve tainted your opinion of gays in general. And even if you rationally know that they don’t represent all gay men, it’s really hard to break through the psychological response that they’ve created in you.

I should point out that most members of naturist organizations – even the single men – are straight, just as most of the general population is straight. And any gay man who’s a part of a reputable naturist organization would would more than likely behave appropriately. That is, if they are interested in you, they might ask you out for a drink or a cup of coffee. When you tell them you’re straight, they’ll most likely back off. If they don’t you’ve got recourse: you can report them to the organization’s leadership, & they could easily lose their membership.

Don’t let that fear get the better of you! Find a local org, and join up! Good luck.

8 03 2009
“a naked woman? gross” « local nudist

[…] topic was the subject of a relatively in-depth discussion recently. There are plenty of straight guys that I know who feel uncomfortable or offended at the […]

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