defending yourself

13 02 2009

A columnist in the local gay magazine Lavender writes about having to defend one’s character in the nude. She writes:

You shouldn’t be asked to do certain things while naked. Bend down to lift a heavy object, for example. Play golf, volleyball, tennis, or any other sport where your free-flying beasts stand risk of getting mangled in the action. Serve high tea (or any other hot liquid for that matter).

Above all, though, you never should have to defend yourself from a character assault while naked.

She goes on to discuss how, in the locker room, she was nude when accosted by a reader who has a low opinion of her column. (My first reaction would be, “Why do you read it if you think it’s stupid?”)

I understand the author’s discomfort with her nudity. We’re trained into it, and it’s hard to break out of that trained discomfort. But I would think that, while it might be difficult, if you can defend yourself against a character attack in the nude, you can probably stand up to anyone over anything.




2 responses

14 02 2009
All Nudist

You’re right, it’s hard to break old habits.

A couple of years ago we had a home intruder attempt in the middle of the night. I didn’t have time to dress and confronted the intruder in the buff. It was a bit uncomfortable for me but I’m not sure if the other person even noticed my lack of attire.

Her eyes were pretty much affixed upon the double-barreled 12 guage shotgun pointed at her.

I’ve never worried that my gun isn’t big enough since… 😉

OK, a bit off topic, but I love that story! – Steve

15 02 2009
local nudist

That’s a good story – glad you escaped unscathed!

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