world nude day

13 02 2009

A Los Angeles personal trainer tells us to celebrate World Nude Day (which was February 6th) — even those of us who aren’t nudists. The greatest part of this article? The author isn’t a nudist! This is great news. If non-nudists can celebrate nudity, even if only in private, then we all make a little more progress toward acceptance of our own and others’ bodies, imperfect though they are.

She tells us:

No, I’m not a Nudist but I think the free spirited nature of the Nudist is quite admirable. To walk around in the nude is a testament toward your ability to be comfortable in your own skin and to love your body inside and out. Loving your body inside and out requires that you take care of it:

1. Eat Well – give your body only the best balance of protein, carbs and fats
2. Get Active – commit to a fitness routine that shapes, tones and defines
3. Get Sweaty – keep the heart healthy by incorporating cardio into your fitness regime
4. Appreciate Your Individuality – nude bodies come in all shapes and sizes but the nude body you should strive for is the one that is healthy. Healthy is always attractive.

Happy World Nude Day!

Take the time to enjoy a few moments in your birthday suit even if you take that moment in your shower.

h/t: Rick




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