14 02 2009

My partner & I went to see the movie Coraline this morning while my car was in the shop. I was suprised to see Dawn French’s character prancing around as Botticelli’s Venus. The movie is targeted at a fairly young audience, so I thought that seeing a character (albeit an animated one) nearly nude was a refreshing surprise.




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15 02 2009

When i was 12 our teacher showed us the movie “lord of the flies.” it’s a 1960 anarchy movie about boys living on a desert island. some of the boys were naked. i thought it was so cool.

15 02 2009

I read John Knowles’ “A Separate Peace” (1959) for a high school English class (about 1970). I doubt this book would be on the reading list these days as there was skinny-dipping and homosexuality in the book.

15 02 2009
local nudist

I suppose it would depend on the school. I know that it was read in my high school (I don’t think my class did – I think, actually, we read Lord of the Flies when we had that teacher). That was in the late 80s. We didn’t see the movie version of LOTF, as I recall.

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