figure drawing

15 02 2009

I’ve done a bit of figure drawing, and while I’m not very good at it, I really enjoy doing it. I’ve even posed for a couple of sessions, and that got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be great to have a group of artists who comfortable being nude? Each person would take a turn modeling for the others, and everyone could be naked!




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15 02 2009

Though I’m not an artist myself I’ve had thoughts in the same direction.
My idea was to let artists sit in the first half hour – hour on the occations when we rent a public pool. This would be a possible economic plus and also a way for us to open up to the textiles and show that there is nothing strange going on.
It seems noone else thought it to be a good idea. Well, well, better luck with selling in your idea and I hope it turns out fun.

15 02 2009
local nudist

I think that’s a brilliant idea!

16 02 2009

There’s a group in San Francisco that does exactly this. Rent a studio once a month or so, and model naked for each other.

16 02 2009
local nudist

Maybe I need to move? I can’t really see something like this getting off the ground in Minneapolis, but I think I should try.

18 02 2009
All Nudist

Here’s a thought, web cams? Take turns posing and drawing?

Don’t know how far webcams have come or whether this could be ‘conferrenced’, but maybe somebody does.

19 02 2009
local nudist

One likely problem with the webcam idea is that there’s some loss of information in the transition from 3D to 2D. Which isn’t to say it can’t be done; just that some artists would prefer to be there in person. But I like the way you think! We should always be looking for new ways to solve problems!

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