meeting each other eye to eye

28 02 2009

I was thinking about how nudity forces us to engage each other at a deeper level. When you’re in a setting where everyone is naked there’s a level of community that wouldn’t exist in a clothed setting. There’s a complete exposure and a lack of the class distinctions expressed through dress. But there’s more than that.

When you meet a clothed person, you are really meeting the image that person wants to present to the world rather than the actual person. Because naturists are completely exposed, we’re forced to interact at an intellectual level, to actually learn about the person. Strangely, despite the anonymity of nudity, it’s harder to hide behind a false front; your true nature is brought forth. There’s nothing to hide. You might have a scar from heart surgery, or a big birthmark, or just be out of shape. You can’t pretend to be a different person than you really are.




2 responses

28 02 2009

Since we’re nude, we can’t get clues from clothing so we pretty have to talk to each other to learn anything. And as it’s not polite to stare, looking one another in the eye is pretty much the only option left.

28 02 2009

Diversity too. Maybe us rural blue collar will finally mix nude with new types of people. Class and crude, young and old, sick and healthy would be cool for everybody.

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