1 03 2009

Last night I was going to go to my second event with Minnesota Naturists. A married couple was going to host a game night at their home, and I was eager to go. Unfortunately, I was the only person who committed to attending, so the event was canceled.

I’m not sure what to make of this. The organization only has 150 or so members, I think, and it has only one or two regularly scheduled monthly events. It does seem to be lacking in younger people – say, my age & younger. I think an infusion of new blood would help, but I’m not really sure how to achieve that. Any thoughts?




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1 03 2009

I understand your disappoinment. A free (or very low cost) event and only one person commits to attending. I think this sort of things happen with a lot of non-landed clubs.

The club I belong to cohosts two swims a month with another club but attendance is usually low because the facility is a bit run down and chilly and the only activity was water volleyball.

The club claims to have upwards of 200 mmembers but no one seems to be interested in finding a batter venue or organzing other events. They’d rather leave it to the club officers. This year the club raised the admission fee to the swims in an effort to break even on them. In the summer we have a monthly visit to a landed club but it’s in doubt this year.

Last year a survey went out to the members and something like 12 people responded. When asked what kind of activities they’d like to see, most just said, “Anything but water volleyball.”

Everyone paints a gloom and doom picture of the future of naturism yet there seems to be a general failure to support the clubs. We can’t leave it all to AANR and TNS. It has to start at the grassroots leve, with the local clubs and organizations.

Well, enough preaching to the choir. Hope the next event works out for you.

1 03 2009
local nudist

That’s pretty much what I’m noticing about our organization as well. They made an effort to use Meetup to recruit new members, but I don’t think it netted any at all, so they dropped it (it’s not free, unfortunately).

I wonder if there are better ways to get the word out? An article in the local newspaper might be helpful. I wonder too if reaching for a younger demographic would be helpful. I should see if the U of M’s newspaper would be willing to do a story on it, and if the leadership is interested in that.

1 03 2009
local nudist

I also wrote a piece for the club’s newsletter asking what people thought about establishing a presence on facebook. I’ll give you one guess for how many responses I got….

1 03 2009

It’s not just naturism, it’s everwhere. Everyone wants to reap the benefits but few want to get involved to make it happen. Then when nothing happens, they complain.

Society’s mantra is let someone else do it — the government, the school system, the police, the national organizatinos.America has lost the independent spirit and self-reliance that made us a great nation.

I guess in a ranting mood this morning. Hope you don’t mind.

1 03 2009

We see fewer younger people at nudist events, but one does see more nudists at the beach. I tried to host nude get togethers and kept an age limit and I’d get good responses from people who would like to come but before they came they would want to know if there will be “old and fat people”. And after asking hundred questions over emails they don’t show up anyways. Its frustrating, but I’ll just keep doing since every now and then we do get a new younger person.

1 03 2009
Academic Naturist

Part of it is the age gap, and part of it is the framework — in my opinion.

Older folks (in general) tend to stick to a traditional way of thinking, where they expect hosts or group leaders to take care of everything. Roles are more clearly defined between the hosts and guests. Younger folks, who are savvy with ideas like crowdsourcing and social networks, are more willing to volunteer for things if a good framework is in place.

I’m currently revamping (and greatly simplifying) the WWNCW to be a better framework for project and event organization. I’ll put it to use this summer for the Nude Olympics. People can vote for games until a certain date. Then I’ll define what needs to be brought or done and allow people to volunteer for those tasks. Volunteers earn tickets, and winners of the games earn tickets, and they can use those tickets in a chinese raffle for a bunch of different prizes. I’ll have all the information, including what the prizes are, on the WWNCW page. Only time will tell if this idea is going to work… Stay tuned.

Anyway, my hope is that the tool will provide an easier way for naturists to organize events. This is for the people setting up the event, volunteers helping out, and participants who want up-to-the-minute information. I guess I’m in a ranting mood too…

2 03 2009
All Nudist

Attracting younger people has long been a problem. We’ve addressed it on All Nudist, Acedemic Naturist (younger generation) has also, as have many nudist sources.

Some problems, briefly:

Perception of nudists as ‘strange’

Equation of nude = sex (see: most so-called nudist websites)

Old people are boring

Young people don’t do it, so you’re stuck with old people

Young folks have a lot of other new things to try, and easier, with peers

Money and leisure time

Maturity = GAF attitude; I don’t care about what other people think, I’m gonna do what I want!

Self acceptance, body image, GAF again

How to overcome this? Nobody’s figured that out yet. The majority of kids raised in nudism drop out as they pass their teens.

You’re young, ask yourself what motivates you and try to find a way to reach others that feel the same way. Ads in student newspapers, maybe for informational meetings (clothes on!) in a safe environment? Q & A sessions with good website addresses available?

TNS has a new Facebook account for nudists; that might be a source for information and conversation, not to mention social networking.

OK, I’ll shut up now. Good luck! – Steve

2 03 2009

I bet ever since nudism started there has been a shortage of young peep. Kids go with their parents until they are 15. Then a big gap nobody until they get 40. Nudism is fighting my top 10
1. feminism- all men are evil and naked men are the worst. Cover your junk. Act, think, look and talk like a woman and maybe girls will talk to you.
2. big money- you ARE the price tag of your clothes. If nude, are you worth talking to?
3. cameras- am I gonna be on the internet tonite?
4. hate nature- the sun means instant cancer and dirt means poison and barefoot means death.
5. no booze no groping? Hahaha.
6. will he or she measure up? Jokes about big or small?
7. we can’t do anything unless it has batteries in it.
8. you can’t go outside unless you’re on a team.
9. everything is gross anyway.
10. no money.
Like the vag boy next door, another story.

2 03 2009
All Nudist

Oh yeah, if you DO get an informational session going, find a nudist woman to be there to answer questions! Nobody trusts a man when it comes to nakedness.

2 03 2009
All Nudist

Ohmygod, h, I almost think I somewhat kinda agree with most of what I think you might be saying. That is, if I understand what you’re saying. Which maybe I don’t. Never sure with you. 😉

Anyway, so now we know that you have a problem with gay guys AND women? Or just that tiny minority of rabid anti-male women which really don’t matter?

I wonder if there’s a faction of men that think women should act like men to be acceptable. Hmm. Sort of male ultra-femnist lovers, or something. Hmm.

Actually, I haven’t met many of those women you describe, but when I do, I am ALWAYS careful to open the door for them and refer to them as ‘Ma’am! Really pisses them off. OK, I can be an ass.

Screw ’em, I was raised to be a gentleman and shall be until I die. They don’t like it? Tell it to the chaplain.

I have a good story about one of those occasions, we eventually became friends. Mutual respect is the key.

h, against my better judgement I’m beginning to sort of like you, in a weird sort of way. The thing I like is that you ARE trying to figure things out and are willing to talk about it. Keep it up. – S

2 03 2009

You love me cuz I live in rural Kenosha WisconSIN. No problem with chix who know what I need but I’m mostly worried about my first time nude social. A nudist Virgin, a boy’s first time. I first read localnudist when he discussed tattoos and I found out he was gay. I was gonna quit cuz I thought he was gonna chat in his blog about size and girth but he’s cool so I’m learning from all of you.

3 03 2009
All Nudist

Geez, h. We’ve got five kids and certinly have enough on our hands but why do we feel like mothering you? You seem like a good person but so fuc*ed up. But we have hope for you.

So what if Local is gay? Would it br better if he was a serrial killer? A CEO that stole your retirement account? A, God forbid, Rebublican?

All of those people are a threat to you, they don’t care about you. Local does, we do, who are your friends?

A guy that likes guys is no threat. If anything, that leaves more women for you.

Break the mold that others put you in, discover yourself and find those that feel the same way. There’re out there.

Find yourself, be yourself, don’t apologize. Someday you’ll be dead, and it won’t matter.

3 03 2009
local nudist

I wouldn’t say h is any more fucked up than anyone else. Like all of us, he’s the product of his experiences.

h – I appreciate that you’re open to reading this blog even though it’s written by a gay guy.

For what it’s worth, most people don’t guess I’m gay when they meet me. They’re a little surprised when I tell them.

Thanks for sticking around, and for commenting, because I’m learning from you too. Too often, it’s hard for me to understand other people, and reading what you have to say helps me do that.

3 03 2009
All Nudist

H, do you have a tent?

Connect with us this summer and we’ll help you through your first time at Valley View. It won’t hurt, promise. About $35 for grounds fees and camping.

Please understand that we may also want time with just ourselves and not need to babysit you all the time. That’s why we don’t bring the dog anymore.

We promise that you will not feel uncomfortable after 15 minutes. That’s a guarantee. Can’t promise that it will be the most exciting time of your life, most folks there are middle-aged and friendly, but not a whole lot of fun for young folks.

Can promise that it will be one of the best times of your life.

What you will learn is that it’s ok to be nude around other people of a similar mindthink.

After that, it’s up to you.

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