the battle of the bugle

2 03 2009

Err, I mean, “bulge.”

I mentioned recently that I’ve put on a few pounds as a result of a new medication I’m taking. I spoke to my doctor, who thought that it wasn’t enough to merit me dropping the drug, because I’ve been getting some pretty good benefits from it (along with a handful of pretty annoying side effects). He suggested that I tackle the weight loss the traditional way: diet & exercise. So I’ve been walking for a half hour 4-5 nights a week, and have cut soda from my diet, and have been abstaining from second helpings, and I’ve dropped 5-6 of the extra pounds so far. It seems like an awful lot to lose in a couple of weeks, but given how fast I put it on, I’m not going to complain.

This is the type of result I’ve never really seen from exercise in the past, and I’m pretty excited about it. My partner actually mentioned the possibility of picking up a Wii so we could use the Wii Fit program, and despite the state of the economy and our budget, I think it might be a worthwhile investment.




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2 03 2009
All Nudist

Way to go! Keep it up, it’s well worth it. I lost 80 pounds and have never regretted it. I freak out now if I pick up a couple. Could probably afford to lose 10 or 20 more but doubt that’s gonna happen.

2 03 2009

Glad to hear you’ve been able to lose some of that weight. Hopefully the annoying side affects aren’t too badd, Five or six pounds over a couple of weeks should be okay. For a while I was losing about a pound a day and then my body seemed to adjust to the new regimen.

I’m still working on the exercise part. I know it’s necessary but…

2 03 2009

Stop all salt and lose water. 1 gallon water is 8 pounds. Eat lean beef so you don’t feel hungry and it builds muscle. Eat pineapple before dinner to kill your appetite. Coffee even decaf is the opposite of Viagra. Tea is ok. Nut every day to raise testossterone. Tips from my swimming coach. I weigh 125# but i eat 4-5000 calories a day.

3 03 2009
All Nudist

Good advice, h. About water, a glass of water and a slice of bread a half hour or so before eating will give a full feeling and help you to eat less.

Water isn’t a permanant gain, and helps to flush other things out of the system. Water pills, prescribed or OTC will help lose excess water which will also help remove salt and help blood pressure.

Amphetamines are great for dieting (and help a LOT with housecleaning) but generally frowned upon nowadays. Ahh, the good old days…

4 03 2009
All Nudist

Oh yeah, I played the trumpet in 6th grade. Not exactly a bugle but close. Has buttons.

Never got good at it, can understand your struggles.

Keep working on it. It’s a lot like losing weight: We must strive to persevere. 😉

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