“a naked woman? gross”

8 03 2009

I know a few gay men who would be disgusted with at the thought of seeing a woman naked. I don’t really understand that attitude. Sure, I’m not attracted to women, but I’m also not attracted to most men. That doesn’t mean I’m offended by seeing them naked.

This topic was the subject of a relatively in-depth discussion recently. There are plenty of straight guys that I know who feel uncomfortable or offended at the prospect of seeing another man naked. I don’t know that this feeling extends to gym locker rooms – I kind of doubt it, since that is the one place where group nudity is expected. And there are lots of straight men who don’t feel threatened at all with the prospect, just as there are gay men like me who have no problem with female nudity.

Why is it such a big deal to see someone naked if you’re not attracted to their sex?*

I think a big part of it is the sexualization of nudity in our culture. If a person equates nudity with sex, then that person will naturally feel uncomfortable when confronted with a naked person they are not attracted to, because they assume that the situation is a sexual one. This includes not only sex-specific distinctions, but also body shape, age, and a number of other characteristics. For instance, many people think that a naked person must be in good physical shape to “deserve” to be naked. This attitude is premised on the false notion that naturism is about seeing naked people and being seen in the buff, and that we should only have to see things that we find appealing.

The visual component of social nudity is irrelevant to true naturism, and that’s why it doesn’t matter if you’re attracted to others or not. If you go to a naturist event or a nude beach expecting to see all kinds of eye candy and no sagging or flabby bodies, you’re doing it wrong. For me, naturism is not about other people. It’s about me. It’s about me finding a connection with the world and with others where body image is not important, where the right to be nude belongs to everyone, regardless of their sex, orientation, race, age, or body type. I don’t care what they look like, and they don’t care what I look like. We’re interested in each other as human beings.

*I use the word “sex” rather than “gender” to refer to males and females because it is the scientifically accurate description of the biological distinction between the two. “Gender” is a cultural construct, and as such includes more than simply “male” and “female.” It extends to encompass gay, straight, and trans-gendered individuals. Gender describes the roles we play that are traditionally based on sex, but are in reality more psychologically and sociologically more complex than that.




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8 03 2009

You bring up some good points. Naturism isn’t about being seen nude or seeing others nude. It’s about being nude, enjoying the freedom and comfort of being nude. The social aspect is about sharing that experience with others who also happen to be nude.

Body acceptance is an ideal that I’m still worknig to fully empbace. I still have prejudices and I’m trying to eliminate them the best I can. However, I can’t say that I’ve ever been disgusted by the sight of anyone’s ndue body.

I thnk it’s human nature to judge by iniitial appearances. The key is to be able to put that initial impression aside and accept people for who they really are.

8 03 2009
All Nudist

Society sexualizes simple nudity? Tell me it ain’t so!

Seriously, you’re absolutely right. The roots go far back and are not easily dismissed. There’s even a mathmatical equation (that I made up): nude = sex = sin.

But that’s the way that most folks think of it, the way most of us were raised.

I just read an article about this guy who’s 2 year old keeps taking off his clothes ahd how the guy is fighting it. The fellow seems like a fine person, but hs fear of nudity is really sad. And his fear of other’s learning about it is sadder. His fear of being labeled as deviant.

Another article about an 18 year old girl who sent nude pics to her boyfriend (which, of course got loose) and then killed herself out of shame.

Such fear, and society’s reactions.

Nudity isn’t evil, gender preference isn’t evil. Social perceptions and reactions are. – S

11 03 2009

Straights who don’t want to see a naked guy are beaten down by feminism and have to prove to the world they aren’t gay to keep their pukey girl friends. Or they are still under their mommy spell. Or they’re bible freaks. Or they’re scared some guys are bigger than their 2 incher. There’s no seed in the sack either.

16 03 2009

Or, dumbest of all, they fear that the naked guy is gay and will perforce hit on him. As if.

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