australian teen fined for accidentally flashing cop

23 03 2009

From Reuters:

CANBERRA (Reuters) – An Australian teenager wearing baggy trousers and no underwear was fined after his pants fell down just as a female police officer was walking past, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

Trent Joseph Wroe, 19, was fined A$250 (119 pounds), and ordered to wear a belt, after the February 28 incident in Mooloolaba in the northern Queensland state, the Sunshine Coast Daily newspaper reported.

Police told a magistrate’s court that Wroe deliberately bared his buttocks, but Wroe said he was wearing a pair of borrowed pants which were too big and fell down in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He said he would apologise to the police officer, and promised to wear a belt and underwear in future.




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23 03 2009
All Nudist

When our kids were younger I coached a softball team. One team we played came from a part of town where super loose, super baggy pants were the rage (still are).

There was this one chubby kid that, even though it didn’t work so well, wore those pants during games. It was a real hoot watching him run the bases while holding his pants up. Sometimes they’d fall and so would he.

Talk about a slave to fashion.

So this kid’s pants fall off. Big deal. This cop never saw a boy-butt before?

At a wedding reception years ago my ex’s boob popped out while dancing with her father. Should she have been arrested? Gimmie a break. – S

24 03 2009

If one is going to wear clothies, they should fit and stay in place when they’re supposed to.

I think the fine was overboard considering the flashing was “accidental”. A warning would have been more than sufficient.

As for promising to wear underwear? Why? What purpose does it serve?

Why can’t authorities just loosen up and chill out?

24 03 2009
local nudist

I don’t understand how they can order him to wear a belt either. That just strikes me as bizarre. I wonder if there’s a provision for suspenders in lieu of a belt? Or that he can forego the belt if he wears better-fitting pants?

24 03 2009

well even i don’t believe his goofy excuse. haha did he go to his friend’s house naked below the waist? then the coincidence of dropping pants in front of a f cop?
i went to the driver license place in wi last week and a high school kid showed white bare crack when he picked up his papers he dropped. Every body in line thought it was cute and was smiling even the old ladies.

26 03 2009
local nudist

I agree with H about the “borrowed pants” excuse. That seems unlikely. Not impossible, but improbable.

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