naturism and teen pregnancy

24 03 2009

News from the UK on the relationship between naturism and teen pregnancy:

Nudists say a more relaxed attitude to the naked body could reduce the number of teenage pregnancies in Scotland.

In a submission to the Scottish Government, British Naturism said a less prudish attitude to the naked body would help take away the mystique that it says contributes to high pregnancy levels in teenagers.

I don’t know if this particular claim is backed by evidence, but it makes intuitive sense to me.




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25 03 2009

I’ve read that in most countries where less prudish attitudes prevail and nudity is more commonplace, teen pregnancies, STDs, and sexual crimes are lower. I’ve alsso heard many nudist claim that promiscuity and teen pregnancy rates are lower for nudist families.

I haven’t heard or seen any actual data or studies to that effect but it seems like logical reasoning.

26 03 2009
All Nudist

Liked the last version, this one less.

Our daughter helped raise her little brothers, diapers, the works. When the time came for dating, dicks were no strangers to her and, no big deal. She was not impressed by a penis. No surprise.

She’s 25, married, and will get pregnant when she damn well feels like it!

Yes, education. A penis is for peeing or poking in a woman for fun, or making a baby when the time is right. A vagina is pretty much the same. If people don’t understand that, than we get a lot of babies that shouldn’t have happened.

If we deny education about contraception, make contraceptives hard to get, or socially awkward, we get too many babies without adequate parents and a huge problem for society.

I’ll shut up now.

26 03 2009

I agree with Steve. Education is the key. Instead of filling their heads with FUD, we should be giving them useful information and real options.

It’s strange that in an era where almost any kind of information is at our fingertips, people choose ignorance, opting to follow faith-based poppycock from people who believe that if you promise not to do it, you won’t do it.

Being denied something only makes you want it mroe. If you’re choices are based on ignorance, how can they be good choices?

I resent so-called “men of God” spreading their ignorance and trying to tell me how to live. They are no closer to God than I am. Where do they coume up with ideas like abstinence eductation and placing a Bible over your penis prevents AIDS. Voodoo and witchdoctors have more credibility than that.

There, that’s off my chest. Sorry about the rant.

26 03 2009

There are weirdos called reconstructionists in the south who want to give the death penalty to anybody who has pre maritel sex also to all gays just for being gay even if they don’t have gay sex. Even teens who go solo at home in their beds. They say they have a moral duty to execute 50 million americans right now more later. I’m gonna load my gun now.

27 03 2009
All Nudist

H, load it now? Mine’s been loaded for 30 years! Weren’t you ever a Scout? ‘Be prepared”.

A long time ago, before most of the world’s population was born, I was stationed in Texas and the penalty for simple possesion of pot was life imprisonment! There still may be folks in jail for getting caught with a joint.

Our solution was to drink more, or just do drugs on the base, under Federal law which was much less harsh. I got pulled over and frisked once about a hundred feet from the base, just checking, ya know?

I remember a Playboy article (yeah, I actually read some of them) titled ‘Sex and Sin in Sheboygan’ that dealt with the mother of the wife of a married couple who heard from her daughter that they enjoyed, ah, don’t know what flies on this site, intercourse in kind of a backwards fashion. Mom called the cops and the couple was arrested for sodomy.

The social climate has changed a lot since then but still… Yeah, they’re out there. Keep your powder dry. -Steve

28 03 2009

allnudist is cocked and ready to shoot. If you leave it loaded your spring in your gun goes weak. haha
The reconstructionists have big money and their leader is some ass hole who is on the supreme court in the south. its in wikipeda. These evangelicals are just the Klu Klux Klan under a new name. Gay is the new nig. Texas and other states had to release 100s of gays who were doing 30 years for consent sex. like evangelicals never had something beside regular sex.

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