teenage pornographers

26 03 2009

A 14-year-old girl posted nude photos of herself on MySpace, and now is being accused of distributing child pornography. Let’s make sure we react appropriately to this! I know! Make her register as a sex offender! That doesn’t at all dilute the significance of that label, and people will still know who the actual *dangerous* sex offenders are, right?




2 responses

27 03 2009
All Nudist

Tell ya what, if it was MY 14 year old daughter I’d see danger, and maybe start paying a bit more attention to how she spends her spare time!

Or, maybe it’s just easier to jail her so she can learn a whole different lifestyle…

27 03 2009
local nudist

I understand the danger she’s putting herself in, and I agree – if it were my kid, I’d be paying a lot more attention to her activity than she’d probably like. But labelling her as a sex offender gives the impression that she’s a threat to others, which she’s not.

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