“i am NOT a naturist”

30 03 2009

A businesswoman takes offense at being inaccurately labeled as a naturist:

Yes, reposting.
Second time around might work. I don’t care if I get told off – it’s survival. I just found out that I’m on page 2 now damn it.


Not that I have a problem with being a naturist – don’t get me wrong – but I am not one.
And I don’t care what people think of me, as long as they judge me on who I am and not on what I appear to be.

Someone googled my name yesterday though, and I come up on a naturist website. On page 4 damn it. He legged it of course.

British Naturism is a client of mine and I was nicely asked to be on a directory – how could I refuse? (by saying no, I guess)

So I am basically posting a blog which hopefully, will come up on the search before the incriminating one.

‘better go and put some clothes on now then.


She claims to have no issue with naturists, and on the one hand, how can you not believe it? She does business with a naturist organization, after all. But the use of the word “incriminating” and her overall tone paint a different picture. I do understand that she doesn’t want to be wrongly represented, but she implies that there’s something bad about being a naturist. *sigh*




4 responses

30 03 2009
All Nudist

Let me clarify something: I am NOT a ‘nudist’, I just like being nude (preferably with others) and I am NOT a ‘naturist’, I just happen to like being naked in the outdoors (preferably around other people) and the only reason All Nudist is listed on so many nudist listings is because either they asked us or we asked them to be listed.

And it’s only a coincidence that we host three nudist websites and a couple of nudist social networking pages.

Angie and I really hate being stereotyped and incriminated as being disgusting nudists, though there’s nothing wrong with ‘those kinds of people’.

I sure hope this comment get’s Googled before oure websites so people stop getting the wrong idea! 😉 -Steve

31 03 2009

I’m getting mxied signals from Nathalie too. Maybe she should just give it a try and become a naturist. Problem solved.

“Incrminating?” Being a naturist isn’t criminal (except in Arkansas) but I have been known to conspire to commit public nudity.

31 03 2009
All Nudist

I’ll admit that, once in a while, I’ll drag the trash barrels to the curb in the buff (after dark). Probably looking at jail time and ‘offender’ status. But, guess I’m just a crazy risk-taker.

2 04 2009

At least there was some good to this whole thing. I went to the offensive directory (International Naturist Business Association ) and found a couple of old friends and a new resort development project in Florida I wasn’t aware of.

Oops… I guess I’ve let everyone know now that I’m one of THOSE too.

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