psychology of nudity

3 04 2009

Kima writes:

if you can stand naked before your companions, your mentors, jurors and strangers alike, then you are free.  If I can be completely unashamed of my physical self; mark, realize, and celebrate every inch of my body publicly and without fear of what others will see–of what I will see–then how should I be afraid of my soul? 




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3 04 2009
All Nudist

One answer might be, because it’s not what’s on the outside or how you feel about it that counts. It’s the person inside.

I understand the thought, but it is invalid. Just because someone is comfortable with their body, maybe even a nudist, doesn’t mean that they are necessesarily a good person.

I often write things that sound pretty damn profound (to me anyway) but which, under deeper analysis, can be inconsistant, contradictory or totally irrelevant. But they sound good. So I let them be. Sometimes the idea of the thought is more important than the accuracy in expression.

I think I said that right… – Steve

4 04 2009
local nudist

That’s a good point – I guess I read the piece as more of a self-confidence thing.

4 04 2009
All Nudist

It is a self-confidence thing, and as such is worthwhile.

The parable of the Good Samaritan is an example of something that most likely never happened but it’s the idea that is good. The fact that, at the time, such a thing was so unlikley that gave it power. Most people actually miss the point of that story because in Sunday school they don’t really explain how despised, how hated and looked down upon Samaritons were at that time. It was such a huge departure from the expected norm that made it so powerful.

That the lowest scum of the earth would actually help one of the overclass was unthinkable. Logical analysis woud say that it could not have happened, but the message was still valid. It was an example of how we can break old patterns and learn a new, better way.

Sometimes over-analysis is not a good thing. Unfortunately, I cannot help doing it. I have tried to be hyptonized and been told that I cannot be. Not because I’m too dumb or too smart, but simply because I’m so analytical that I can’t just let go and go with the flow. Similarily, I will read a quotation like the one posted and take it apart rather than just experiencing the message. I understand the message, but can’t stop from taking it apart. Ah, well… -S

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