nudity illegal in north carolina

7 04 2009

Does anyone know if that assertion is true? Some local authorities are making this claim after a physician complained about seeing nude sunbathers at Bird Island.

The second most irritating part of this story, to me, is the statement that “officials are trying to stop sunbathers from flaunting it all on Bird Island.” This phrasing implies that nudists are exhibitionists, and that their is some sort of intentional exposure, akin to flashing or streaking, going on.

I wish people would pay attention and realize that naturism is not about being seen nude, nor about seeing others nude. It is about being nude, without pride and without shame, but with simple acceptance. Why, why WHY do people insist on not understanding this fact?!





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7 04 2009
All Nudist

Thiis llink should take you to a forum site where the famous Cheri Alexander says that she knows of no legal public lands available for nudist use.

7 04 2009
local nudist

Thanks for the link!

7 04 2009
All Nudist

Nudist image, right. That’s always a problem. Hell, I have always wanted to be naked yet regularly drove past Mazzo Beach for 30 years without daring to go there. Old images die hard.

That’s why it’s especially damaging when some splinter groups do things to reinforce the public’s misconceptions.

People are funny. My favorite story involves a woman I know, nudist and swinger, that went to her first party and took her clothes off. The other swingers were aghast! Nudity!

She turned out to be pretty popular, though…

But that’s the thing, misconceptions. She thought that nudity went along with that lifestyle, just as the general public see us and equates nudity to strange sexual activity and promiscuity. And worse.

There’s a guy on the True Nudist’s networking site that set up a group for folks that are interested in incest. He got jumped on in a way that he hadn’t forseen, I think. He too, equated nudity with other behaviour.

It never ends, but I shall, right here and now. -Steve

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