nudity is a crime

24 04 2009

Man arrested for nudity in Iowa

Naked wizard tasered at Coachella (Yes, tasered. Video NSFW.)





3 responses

24 04 2009

Simply beng nude should not be a crime. It harms no one, doesn’t infringe on anyone’s rights, and does not endanger anyone or their property. If you’re being disorderly while you’re nude then that should be dealt with. Unfortunately, we live in a bizarre society where logic takes a back seat to … nearly everything.

It seems to me that cops are too eager to whip out the tasers. How much of a threat is a nude man anyway? I can understand using a taser if the person becomes violent or if he’s waving a weapon around. It has replaced the nightstick as the abusive weapon of choice.

24 04 2009
All Nudist

Yeah, and it appears his ‘weapon’ wasn’t so dangerous either. Sure didn’t see anyone running away in fear, until the cops arrived…

29 04 2009

Regarding the Iowa guy, it’s good to see that our boys in blue are on the job and fighting crime. There’s that old saying, “What happens in Iowa, is boring.”

Reminds me of the story about a nude guy walking down the street firing off his Uzi. The police were flooded with calls reporting a naked man.

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