nudist comedy group

17 04 2009

Nudist comedy group makes N.Y. debut:

But the show doesn’t aim just for cheap laughs. It exposes the universal feelings of insecurity and our society’s uncomfortable attitude toward the nude body, Ofiesh said. Many of the comedians’ jokes center around social attitudes toward nudity and body image. Often, the comedians encourage audience participation in the nude — the shows are always clothing-optional.

I wonder if they’ll ever make it to the Midwest?


psychology of nudity

3 04 2009

Kima writes:

if you can stand naked before your companions, your mentors, jurors and strangers alike, then you are free.  If I can be completely unashamed of my physical self; mark, realize, and celebrate every inch of my body publicly and without fear of what others will see–of what I will see–then how should I be afraid of my soul? 

unlearning shame

15 03 2009

I haven’t been able to get the video to load, but this article is interesting nonetheless.

Eight ordinary people – none of them nudists – were recently brought together for an experiment filmed by the BBC’s Horizon programme, to test some of the scientific theories that explain why naked bodies make us so uncomfortable.

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“a naked woman? gross”

8 03 2009

I know a few gay men who would be disgusted with at the thought of seeing a woman naked. I don’t really understand that attitude. Sure, I’m not attracted to women, but I’m also not attracted to most men. That doesn’t mean I’m offended by seeing them naked.

This topic was the subject of a relatively in-depth discussion recently. There are plenty of straight guys that I know who feel uncomfortable or offended at the prospect of seeing another man naked. I don’t know that this feeling extends to gym locker rooms – I kind of doubt it, since that is the one place where group nudity is expected. And there are lots of straight men who don’t feel threatened at all with the prospect, just as there are gay men like me who have no problem with female nudity.

Why is it such a big deal to see someone naked if you’re not attracted to their sex?*

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the battle of the bugle

2 03 2009

Err, I mean, “bulge.”

I mentioned recently that I’ve put on a few pounds as a result of a new medication I’m taking. I spoke to my doctor, who thought that it wasn’t enough to merit me dropping the drug, because I’ve been getting some pretty good benefits from it (along with a handful of pretty annoying side effects). He suggested that I tackle the weight loss the traditional way: diet & exercise. So I’ve been walking for a half hour 4-5 nights a week, and have cut soda from my diet, and have been abstaining from second helpings, and I’ve dropped 5-6 of the extra pounds so far. It seems like an awful lot to lose in a couple of weeks, but given how fast I put it on, I’m not going to complain.

This is the type of result I’ve never really seen from exercise in the past, and I’m pretty excited about it. My partner actually mentioned the possibility of picking up a Wii so we could use the Wii Fit program, and despite the state of the economy and our budget, I think it might be a worthwhile investment.

meeting each other eye to eye

28 02 2009

I was thinking about how nudity forces us to engage each other at a deeper level. When you’re in a setting where everyone is naked there’s a level of community that wouldn’t exist in a clothed setting. There’s a complete exposure and a lack of the class distinctions expressed through dress. But there’s more than that.

When you meet a clothed person, you are really meeting the image that person wants to present to the world rather than the actual person. Because naturists are completely exposed, we’re forced to interact at an intellectual level, to actually learn about the person. Strangely, despite the anonymity of nudity, it’s harder to hide behind a false front; your true nature is brought forth. There’s nothing to hide. You might have a scar from heart surgery, or a big birthmark, or just be out of shape. You can’t pretend to be a different person than you really are.

aren’t you gonna hit on me?

25 02 2009

Some straight guys are concerned that if they are nude around gay men, they’ll be subject to flirting, or worse. While there are gay men out there who don’t behave appropriately in social settings, most of us do. And I think most gay naturists are even more sensitive and aware of their actions at naturist gatherings than usual.

Those who’ve had negative experiences with gay men might be inclined to say that gay naturists really should be segregated from everyone else. I disagree with this assertion, but I understand where it comes from. My own belief is that overt sexual conduct and inappropriate behavior ought to be punished by expulsion when necessary. That applies to ALL naturists, not just the gay ones.

The question is, why do straight men have this fear that they’ll be ogled or fondled if a gay guy sees them naked?

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