doctor who nude episode?

23 04 2009

Yes, it’s a spoof, but might be interesting, if someone other than Davies were in charge. (Yes, I know he’s done some good stories, but he’s also put out a lot of stinkers, and I’m still pissed about what he did with Rose and with Donna.)


nudity in prime-time

14 04 2009

Definitely not going to happen in America for a while, but:

This summer, [Britain’s] Channel 4 will broadcast a new series before the watershed featuring nude models. The show, provisionally titled Life Class: Today’s Nude, hopes to promote a return to elementary skills of drawing and painting, and spark a revival of more traditional, figurative art.

An artist named Alan Kane came up with the idea for the show, and apparently the TV folks had no problems with it: “Because it is educational and non-sexualised nudity, Channel 4 didn’t have any concerns with it at all.”